Iggy Azalea doesn’t have to look far to find her “Savior” in her new video.

Iggy Azalea doesn’t have to look far to find her “Savior” in her new video.

Iggy’s new single “Savior” failed to crack the Hot 100 yet, but hopefully her visually stunning, Colin Tilley-directed video for it will do the trick.

In it, Iggy taps into a glowing spiritual frequency, looking outward for reassurance and security. Little does she know it’s within.

Iggs holds a bouquet of flowers engulfed in flames through a cathedral as she’s surrounded by people searching for answers. It’s laced in religious imagery.

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She ends up confronting her demons face-to-face, but the dance with the devil ends up literally killing her. Spoiler alert(!!!): the cloaked figure drowning Iggy in the tub is actually Iggy herself. That’s her savior, and she’s reincarnated into someone else entirely. One of her best videos to-date.

Watch below:

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  1. Omg this is amazing. The song is amazing, and so is the video.
    I don’t understand how people aren’t fascinated by this. This a pop gem.
    I’m so sad for Iggy… I’d hate it if she felt demotivated by the lack of attention that this is receiving. I think she’s on the right track.

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