Despite the odds, Iggy will release new music.

Despite the odds, Iggy Azalea will release new music.

The Digital Distortion album release date is still up in the air. The last we heard, Iggy put a few of her label reps on blast for their lack of preparedness and divulged she had no idea when it’ll actually debut. That, and the “Switch” music video leak, things aren’t looking too good for Iggy’s era, but a couple of roadblocks won’t stop the Australian rapper from sharing her new tunes (it’s even rumored she personally leaked a few of the album tracks this month as a FU to her Def Jam).

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So where do we stand? According to an interview with Brazilian website PortalPopOnline, the “Team” rapper is aiming to release another single in July, and yep… it’s a collaboration.

“There’s a new single coming out probably in early July that has another guest singing the pre-chorus,” she says.

So, basically, no freaking clue when Digital Distortion drops if ever, but we’re definitely getting a new song in July. I guess that’ll have to do.

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