Iggy Azalea On Britney's New Record Is Not Artsy Fartsy

Another place confirms this Britney-Iggy collaboration.

Britney Spears put it out there she wants to work with Iggy on her new artsy fartsy album, and it appears it’s definitely happening. Iggy even responded to a fan about the potential collabo (but deleted it).

A source tells HollywoodLife Britney’s still interested in Iggy. What’s worse is Brit Brit “wants to do stuff with many current artists and make her next album a huge event.”

They add, “She plans on making it star-studded, but Iggy is on top of the list.”

That’s pretty much everything I DID NOT want to hear and more. Here’s I-G-G-WHY:

In my opinion, Britney working with tons of other artists on a record takes away from the uniqueness she once brought to music. A feature here and there is cool, fun, even urban, but recording her “out there” album (as she put it) with a bunch of musicians sounds more like an attempt to stay relevant rather than set the trends. We’re talking about Britney Spears here. Britney ******* Spears. The living legend you can look at but cannot touch. The chick everyone wants a piece of. The (it’s Britney, work) ***** that sets records and changes the game. The walking contradiction of naughty and nice. Cold as fire, hot as ice. BRITNEY ******* SPEARS!

If working with Iggy Azalea and probably Ariana Grande is what homegirl wants, then we’re sure the powers that be will arrange it. All I ask is some indie singer-songwriter grab a Starbucks with Britney and explain this isn’t artsy fartsy.

Maybe Marina And The Diamonds is available?