Iggy Azalea Means Business

Iggy Azalea just scored major cool points.

I-G-G-Y doesn’t understand how her peers have the energy to perform and work while maintaining their partying lifestyle. She’d rather sleep.

During an interview on BBC1 Radio Breakfast Show along “Black Widow” bestie Rita Ora, the Australian rapper told Rita she doesn’t get how she is still alive, basically.

“I really do not understand how you can go out and party all night long and not sleep and then get up and do a sound check. I cannot do that, I need to sleep. I don’t know how she does it. I’m fine with working hard but then I just don’t want to play hard. I couldn’t be bothered.”

Iggy needs her beauty rest so she can get shown up by Jennifer Lopez. Have you seen “Booty” yet?

Kudos to Iggy for having her head on straight.