Check out the performances from last night’s Idol.


Iggy Azalea and Jennifer Hudson took to the Idol stage with another performance of “Trouble” and Jason Derulo gave “Want To Want Me” its debut live showing.

Following last Wednesday’s Kelly Clarkson extravaganza, Idol execs bagged another alum this week, with Jennifer Hudson stopping by with Iggy Azalea for another performance of current single “Trouble”.

It was another stellar performance from both Azalea and Hudson, although their solid promotional strategy doesn’t seem to be doing the song much good as it slips on the Hot 100 from 67 to 73 this week. Whilst Iggy looked flawless and she is improving drastically as a live act, Jennifer really stole the spotlight on this one. Whether it was being back on her home turf in the Idol studio or just that she was really feeling it last night, JHud was on fire with her solid vocals and sassy attitude on point.

Jason Derulo also gave a rendition of new single “Want To Want Me”.

Derulo’s effort was arguably less successful. Whilst he’s a compelling performer and a decent enough dancer, “Want To Want Me” still isn’t a brilliant track and the whole thing fell a little flat. It was also a very strange decision to digitally doctor Jason’s vocals to such an extreme; although Derulo can’t boast the strongest of voices, there was an unnecessary amount of alteration going on in the sound booth.

What did you think of last night’s Idol performances?