Check out the booty-poppin cover art for “Mo Bounce” above. The song drops March 24!


Iggy Azalea confirms her new single “Mo Bounce” drops Friday, March 24.

#MoBounce March 24

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Iggy Azalea shared new photos from the music video shoot for her upcoming single titled “Mo Bounce.” At least, I think that’s the name of the song; she captioned all four pics #MoBounce. See them below:


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Here’s a video of Iggy Azalea and her girls twerking on the set of her new music video to what sounds like Igg’s new single. She tagged director Lil internet, who directed videos for Beyonce, Diplo, Skrillex, Azealia Banks and more. Get mesmerized:

Iggy X @lilinternet ?

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Is Iggy Azalea’s new era finally upon us?

The Australian rapper had plans to put forth her LP last summer, but after an unfortunate breakup from ex-fiance Nick Young and the luke warm reaction to the record’s lead single, “Team,” Azalea decided to hold off. Instead, she focused on her role as a judge on Australia’s The X Factor and mending her broken heart, but it appears the album plans are back on track. Azalea explained she “needed a lot of time” before returning to the scene. “I mean, you wake up one morning and your fiancé is having a baby with someone else, you’re going to need some time, right? I just kind of felt like, on top of me needing the personal time, then feeling, ‘Okay, I’m single now. I want to have **** songs. I want to say stuff about being single,'” she said.

In a separate interview, Iggy said her album had “been finished for months.”

“I’m going to put my single out, which has a feature on it, a girl singing with me, so that will be in January.” We’re nearing March, and still not a word when we can expect new tunes from Iggy Iggs. But something is in the works.

Here’s what we know:

Iggy performed at the Dragonland Music Festival in Hong Kong over the weekend.

One of her dancers posted an Instagram story that clued fans into a video shoot and captioned it: “Good morning HK! Last night was epic!! Let’s go video shoot Day 1!”

A video surfaced of Iggy dolled up at what appears to be a video shoot:

It looks like she’s wearing the same heels in the video above as she was during a rehearsal last week. “Getting ready,” she said.

Getting ready for ??

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Iggy recently collaborated with DJ Zedd, who is also in Hong Kong to perform at the same festival.

In other words… gold onto your weaves! Iggy’s new single is on the way…

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