The Australian rapper clarifies.


Iggy Azalea has no idea what the fuss is about. She puts the rumors to rest once and for all: there is no “Switch” remix featuring Maluma. They’re just friends.

“There is no switch rmx, iam introducing Maluma on stage for his performance. He’s a close friend and I support him in whatever he does,” she writes. “Im worn a little thin with “fans” attacking me all the time then apologizing, I’ve done nothing wrong & I’ll be friends with whom I wish.”

Let’s all be a lot nicer to Iggy.

Read her Tweets below:


The ol’ switcheroo.

Take this with a grain of salt, but word on the street is Iggy Azalea and Maluma are planning to unleash a remix of “Switch” sans Anitta.

The evidence?

Iggy and the pop prince of Latin America were seen grabbing lunch together this week.

They were also spotted rehearsing something on-stage ahead of the the 14th Annual Premios Juventus airing today.

Anitta fans aren’t thrilled. They started commenting snake emojis on Iggy and Maluma’s Instagram posts.

We’ll know soon enough what’s good, but if Iggy really did switch Anitta out for Maluma, than expect a #IggyIsOverParty on the Internet stat. At least it wasn’t for Azealia Banks?

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