The Australian rapper delivers troubling news.

Iggy Azalea has nothing to hide.

The Australian rapper was almost a little too candid when she dropped a couple of bombs on Twitter this week: She doesn’t know when Digital Distortion will debut (maybe in a month or two), the “Switch” music video with Anitta is scrapped since it leaked and explains Def Jam’s lack of supports because her songs aren’t charting well. Well, ****.

“i just want to put [Digital Distortion] out and be done with it and hopefully start a new album i can finish fast and put out without all these issues,” she writes.

A fan Tweets back saying they don’t understand why it’s seen so many delays. She reasons, “[Def Jam] would have liked me to have a hit to drive the album sales but they are probably seeing now that is unlikely.” She adds: “its not their fault. they need media etc to actually give the platforms FOR the promo. label cant just force me onto tv and into mags etc.”

As for when we can expect DD? “it will be released in the next month or two. we are “discussing” when.”

Rest assured, she still has plans to put out a followup, and soon. “Probs 2018, since you know, im not having a mental breakdown or randomly finding out on e news my fiancés having kids with someone else.”

And yeah, no “Switch” video. “No we are not releasing the mv,” she says.

See the stream of consciousness via Twitter below:

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