Iggy is making things right after her controversy surrounding last year’s Pridefest in Pittsburgh.


Iggy Azalea is team equality.

Iggy Azalea will appear at the Miami Beach Gay Pride Parade as its Guest of Honor alongside Elvis Duran, People confirms. It’s deserved redemption for Iggy, who was embroiled in unwanted controversy surrounding her scheduled appearance at the Pittsburgh Pridefest last year. Over 300 people planned a protest at that event after Tweets she posted before her “Fancy” days targeted the LGBT community.

Those now-deleted Tweets said “Wondered why my **** felt like it was about to grow legs, flip me off & walk away. then I remembered i played soccer yestrdy w 5 d— *******” and “When guys whisper in eachothers ears I always think its kind homo.”

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Azalea apologized profusely for her thoughtless Tweets then pulled-out of that performance. “I am truly disappointed that I have to share this news, but I will no longer be performing at Pittsburgh Pride on June 13th,” Iggy wrote in a statement at the time.

“This has been a difficult decision as I truly support the event and LGBTIQA communities however I feel my participation at this point would only serve to further distract from the true purpose of the event,” she said. “I am a firm believer in equality. Unfortunately in the past as a young person, I used words I should not have. The last thing I want is for something so carelessly said to be interpreted as reflective of my character. I meant to no harm and deeply regret ever uttering those words. As an adult I would never use them because I understand they play a detrimental role in the fight for issues that I do truly believe in.”

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Iggy is making things right.

She tells People “I’m honored to join my friend Elvis Duran this year at Miami Beach Gay Pride on April 10!” she said. “It’s such an important day to celebrate with my LGBTQ fans, and I can’t wait to see my Azaleans there!”

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