Iggy Azalea unveils the wicked cover art for new record, ‘In My Defense.’

Iggy’s sophomore album arrives in less than a month (July 19th). It features lead single, “Sally Walker,” and a rumored collaboration with Cardi B on a track titled “Cowgirls.”

To get fans hyped, the Australian rapper shared the album art for In My Defense as well as the tracklist (see below).

On it, Iggy’s dead body is propped up after being hit by a car. It appears the driver ran off and left Iggy to fend for herself.

According to Iggy, the image is a “statement about women not having the ability to defend themselves under public gaze.” She clarified it’s not about a rebirth of sorts.

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In My Defense Tracklist:

  1. “Thanks I Get”
  2. “Clap Back”
  3. “Sally Walker”
  4. “Homeita”
  5. “Started”
  6. “Spend It”
  7. “**** It Up” (featuring Kash Doll[16])
  8. “Big Bag” (featuring Lil Yachty)
  9. “Comme des Garcons”
  10. “Freak of the Week”
  11. “Just Wanna”
  12. “I Know”

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