Iggy Azalea Forgets The Lyrics During Performance With Tinashe

September 25, 2015 By Jordan Miller

It’s I-G-G…IDK.

Iggy Azalea forgot the lyrics to her rap on Tinashe’s “All Hands On Deck” live in concert.

Azalea’s hard at work on her forthcoming studio album, which she expects will drop in the first-half of next year.

The Australian rapper recently told fans she finished recording a new buzz song titled “Zillion,” saying: “I have decided i will release a buzz track & video fairly soon so my fans can get an understanding of what this new album sounds/looks like. To answer some questions ive seen pop up: No, its not going to be my first single. it is intended only as an introduction.”

All that rapping in the studio didn’t leave much room for her old material, because when she went to rap her verse during a show with Tinashe at the Washington State Fair on Thursday (Sep. 24), she forgot the words to the intro.

Normally, Iggy kicks it off with: “Every night another city, different time zone / All I wanna do is get my shine on / Come and deal with Iggy, get your mind blown / New coupe, no roof, got the mind gone.”

Instead, she drew a blank before eventually stammering in and recovering.

The uploader on YouTube said she apologized later, but it’s all good. We’re just happy she’s still performing!

Watch it here:

Via PopCrush