And shares the cover art.


After telling fans that her new song “Switch” featuring Anitta would not drop on May 12 like she had planned, Iggy made things right. She confirmed the release date, which is now May 19, and shared the red-hot cover art for the track.

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“Switch” will not be released on May 12 like it was previously thought. The rapper offered an update on social media to clear the air. “Switch will not be released on May 12, guys Sorry! I see everyone is excited, just wanted to clarify that for you… don’t want you counting down to a day where nothing happens.”

She added: “When I 102932% have a day locked in, I’ll announce. I can’t wait to start counting down with you!” Then **** got real. “I’ve prematurely announced dates in the past that have changed and I’m doing my best to avoid that.”

Hopefully that Digital Distortion release date on June 2 (or 9) is still on.


RT for Brazil.

Iggy Azalea’s forthcoming album Digital Distortion sounds like a monster. The Australian rapper revealed it drops the first week in June, and it features a collaboration with Anitta, a Brazilian pop star who rose to fame with her debut single, “Show das Poderosas.” A clip of their song together titled “Switch” hit the net earlier this month, and it sounds like a banger:

Iggy’s initial plan with DD was to feature no other artists, but after some major life changes, she decided to switch things up. “I promise you I had my whole record down and I scrapped the entire thing,” she told Apple Music’s Zane Lowe last week. “It was good stuff, it’s not even that it was bad!” She adds “Team” will still make the cut. “I just had a lot of life changes right before I was supposed to drop my album, and I thought, ‘you know what? This is no longer reflective of what I want to say or what I want to talk about or who I am.’”

As it stands, Digital Distortion has a better vibe and energy. “I think the first album that I scrapped was very aggressive and very angry and abrasive. That’s how I felt at the time.” She credits that to the constant controversy she found herself in. “Time has passed. Time heals all sometimes… I’m happy.”

Looks like Iggy has a parter in crime to bounce in the house with.

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