Iggy Azalea Doesn’t Care What It’s For, She Just Wants To Win A Grammy

February 6, 2015 By Aaron


Iggy isn’t bothered what category sees her taking home a trophy this Sunday, she’d even settle for Best Album Artwork.

Showing that when she isn’t engaging in endless Twitter tirades, she can actually be pretty charismatic, rap mammoth Iggy Azalea told the Associated Press that she doesn’t have a preference as to which of her four Grammy nods she takes home. Recognizing the power of the music academy, the Australian star quite correctly observed, “a Grammy is a Grammy, baby.”

Indeed it is, Iggy. Find out what else the “Fancy” star had to say below:

Speaking to the Associated Press in an interview yesterday, Azalea expressed her total indifference to which award she’d most like to bag at the 57th Grammy Awards this weekend:

I don’t care if I get a Grammy for best album artwork … Nobody says, `Uh, what’s your Grammy for? … No, this Grammy doesn’t count.’ Any Grammy is equally as good. I’ll take any Grammy for anything. Any Grammy you’ve got, send them my way. I will not complain.

And complain she should not. Whilst it’s not entirely on the money to say that all Grammy’s were created equal – most people would still covet Record of the Year above something like Best Long-Form Video – Iggy’s attitude is admirable. It’s nice to see that she understands the prestige of being awarded anything at all, especially in light of the seemingly endless criticism surrounding her nominations.

She went on to talk about the supposedly peer-nominated aspect of a Grammy Award:

I didn’t think they would think of me four times. I’m happy they thought of me any times. There are so many other award shows that I appreciate winning awards for, but I think it really means something special just to be nominated by the people that you work with and are alongside every day. That’s a different thing. It’s a different level of respect.

The idea of the Grammys truly being peer led is problematic as all hell, but that aside it seems that Iggy is genuinely really happy just to have been nominated, which shows a softer side of her increasingly formidable persona. The walking controversy magnet appears to be on a one woman campaign to call out every artist, critic and radio host who has something negative to say about her.

To be frank, her frustration isn’t entirely unjustified. Iggy is a pretty easy target in the industry right now, with people who clearly aren’t offended by her supposed ‘blacent,’ or simply the fact that she’s a white woman making hip-hop music, weighing in on the debate surrounding allegations of cultural appropriation. Nonetheless, it’s a waste of her time and energy to put so much effort into responding to each and every person who throws shade her way – and actually, her rants probably have very little effect other than to give her critics a ****-ton more publicity. It seems everyone – including mentor TI – just wants Azalea to get on with it, which is why it’s nice to see her showing off her softer-side in recent interviews.

The funny thing about the “Problem” collaborator is that as entitled and ignorant as she can seem on Twitter, when we get to interact with Iggy in more than 140 characters she’s charming, personable and genuinely likeable. Hopefully if she does walk away with an award or two this weekend (which is extremely likely) we’ll get to see more of this Iggy Azalea. Sadly, with the amount of criticism that will follow any win she scores, I’m not counting on it.

What do YOU think of Iggy’s comments?