Listen to the bouncy track.


Iggy’s anticipated return is upon us with new single “Team” – and it’s not bad.

Taking a leaf out of Bieber’s book, the controversial rapper is letting the music take the spotlight and has opted for a dance video (the new lyric video, it seems) to debut the song.

The electro-hip-hop track isn’t as instant as “Fancy” or “Black Widow” but it’s no less a bop, as Azalea’s delivery punching along the springy production makes it more about the beat than her nonsensical lyrics.

“Team” won’t be the song that gets her respect as a lyricist or critical acclaim (“100+ vogues on the highway, watch The new Kardash call me Kylie”) but it’ll get her back on the charts.

The official video drops some time next week, when she’ll also debut the track on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon.

Side note: am I the only one who thinks she sounds like J-Lo in the chorus (“Baby I got me / Only friend I need / Playing on my team”)? No shade…