Justice for Iggy.


Iggy Azalea wants the industry to promote her new music, but she thinks they won’t.


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Iggy Azalea’s forthcoming album, Survive The Summer, drops July 6th. She revealed the NSFL cover art on Friday (check it out here).

Azaleans asked the rapper on Instagram if the project will be available in physical format. It opened up a discussion, and it appears it won’t be.

“Iggy said she doesn’t want this EP to be commercially promoted or whatever,” one fan wrote. “She wants it to be almost like a mixtape with no radio promo or the like [sic], just visuals. So there most likely won’t be a physical release unfortunately.”

Iggy responded: “I don’t NOT want it to be promoted,” she said. “I just doubt it will be. Cause people don’t f–k w me like that.”

The industry, without explanation, definitely turned on Iggy these last two years. She meant to drop Digital Distortion last year, and after a few behind-the-scenes mishaps, it never came to be. Let’s hope the upcoming tunes can breathe new life into her career – she deserves it.



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Iggy Azalea is hopping off Twitter so she can focus on completing her forthcoming album, Surviving The Summer, but before she logs out the rapper sent out a couple of Tweets.

I love the irony here.

Iggy has had an extremely difficult time releasing her music over the last several years. After scrapping Digital Distortion due to multiple behind-the-scenes snafus, the Australian rapper decided to start anew with Surviving The Summer. It’s not complete yet, but that’s all about to change. But…

Iggy says Twitter trolls are sucking the creative life out of her, so she’s staying off the social media platform until her new record is finished.

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“Sometimes I feel a little overwhelmed by how many little pieces I have to get sorted out before I can say music and visuals are done,” the rapper wrote in the first of a series of tweets. “There are alot of tiny pieces to put together and when you’re looking at it across the floor a mess it’s like FU——K.”


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She went on to add: “But I say all this to say I met up and spoke to an old friend/creative person I work with last night and we spoke for a long time about the themes and undertones of STS and actually – I’m on track. … It makes me happy when someone comes and listens to something and then writes down notes and all the words you write down about how it makes you feel are the same things I was thinking about when making it. YES. I feel very good today. Everything is on track no delays.”

Don’t be too upset, fam. You’ll still find her many racy snaps on Instagram (did you see her latest my god) – she has decided not to abandon that app… yet.


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