It’s Iggy, *******.

It’s Iggy, *******.

The Australian rap princess knew her lead single 2.0 “Mo Bounce” didn’t perform the way she hoped it would. “Mo Bounce isnt even charting. im def not concerned about money. just doing what i love and you can join in or not,” she told fans. Fortunately, Iggs said Def Jam has had their sights set on “Switch” from the get. “[Mo Bounce] was more something that wouldve been great if it had taken off… but no pressure, the focus for Def Jam was always switch.”

If Iggy hadn’t insisted on releasing “Mo Bounce,” “Switch” featuring Anitta would have been the first taste of the comeback. How does it fare? Tropical-tinged beat? √ Pulsating claps? √ Chorus for days? √ Luscious rapping? √√. As you can see, “Switch” checks off all of the boxes for a summery poolside anthem.

“Change the game / Switching up the game / Here we go again,” the Brazilian pop star coos with some interjections from Iggy. “Play a role / Fantasy turns reality right in front me / I can have ya any way I want.”

Iggy and Anitta filmed a Jurassic Park-themed music video for the track. While we wait for that, give the song a spin. It’s an infectious tune that’ll find a cozy spot on radio, at least for now. (The song is available to stream beginning at midnight):

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