Lola will drive you nuts.

Iggy Azalea released a new music video for a song titled “Lola,” featuring Alice Chater. It’s the latest single from her forthcoming EP, Wicked Lips.

On the track, Iggy boasts about being a loose canon. Chater chucks a couple sugary sweet verses and a deliriously memorable chorus.


“You love how I hold grudges / Might throw some punches,” Iggy raps over a tropical-tinged beat and an infectious guitar melody. “But you’re not judging I’m your psycho / You love how I talk crazy then call you baby / No you can’t tame me I’m your type, no.”

Chater’s contribution elevates the song to new heights. Her part is insanely memorable. “I’m saying, ‘Hey, Lola!’ / She can get a little jealous / Oh, loca / She can be a drama / But her soul is pure.”

In the video, Iggy and Alice, who’ve lost their minds, were banished to an asylum to live out their wildest fantasies.

Check out “Lola” below, then let us know what you think in the comments!

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  1. I love it but I can’t not listen to it and not sing the chorus to Mambo Italiano instead. Every time. Also cause I don’t know the words to the chorus so I just sing Mambo Italiano instead. 😂

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