Rumors continue to circulate that Britney’s third single, “If U Seek Amy,” will be edited for radio. Some believe the label will edit the song to “If U See Amy,” removing the “k,” thus taking away its double meaning, leaving the track even more empty and meaningless than before. Click to stream:

I’m still not fond of this track being the third single. I know what you’re thinking: “Jordan, you’re a **** *****.” Followed by “F U, Jordan!” But come on, this track is only making headlines because she says “**** me.” It’s another clear-cut example of her management’s carefully calculated controversy in the Britney comeback train (mmm alliteration). Instead of releasing a single with depth, they take the easy route.

“Unusual You” was the perfect third single; an uptempo winter ballad that shows a vulnerable side to Britney, something we have yet to see her team portray. She sings about being in love, but expects a broken heart – leaving Britney confused as she finds out her love interest, for once, has pure intentions. Unfortunately, we’re left with Amy – a cocky, ***-craved clubber looking for her next ****.

Why not make headlines for the song itself instead of its implied meaning. HA, cause that would be taking a ri$k, and we wouldn’t want that… would we?

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