Check out this ~awesome~ fan-shot of BreatheHeavy reader Corey and Britney’s assistant Brett Miller at the Toronto show Thursday night.


I saw Brett LOL. I actually was laughing when I saw her because she looked so lost in the world HA HA But yeah, I called her over and she came… and took a picture with my friend and I. She was actually standing in front of us the whole show and was beside some lesbian looking chick. Whatever, she seemed cool. BEST NIGHT EVERRRR!!! -Corey

And we can’t forget Creepy McCreepster himself, Larry Rudolph!


I was at the concert In Toronto last night and let me tell you… AMAZING!!!! I saw larry and quickly went over to him in hopes that he’d get a picture with me and HE DID! He was actually a cool guy and just asked me to wait a quick second. (I interupted his conversation with 2 old dudes) He took the picture with me, gave me a pat on the back and told me to enjoy the show! – Such a cool night! -Corey

Keep em’ comin!

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