Check out the lovely Brett Miller at Britney’s show at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey Saturday night, courtesy of BreatheHeavy reader Brian B.

Plus check out a few more submissions from the Tampa show of Brett and her alleged lesbian lover, and BreatheHeavy reader Ian, who said:


“here’s a good shot of Brett and I at the infamous Tampa show. I spotted her, even though no one else knew who she was, and she was extremely sweet. That chick that everyone’s talking about was also with her. They were dancing together and having fun. Thanks”

UPDATE: Just added one more of Brett and BreatheHeavy reader at Friday’s Newark, New Jersey show.


” I was at the Newark, NJ shows on Fri & Sat! I met Bret & Felicia on Friday! Here’s a picture of me my friend, and Bret—she was soo sweet, she had her friend take this picture of us since we couldnt get over the rail. Larry Rudolph walked by us like 5 times and never once looked our way as we screamed to him haha.”

Keep em’ comin!


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