Check out this epic If U Seek Brett shot from Britney’s Washington, DC show at the Verizon Center Tuesday night, courtesy of BreatheHeavy reader Molly Marcot.

According to the fan, Brett was too cool for school, avoiding any fan-pics and conversation.


“I walked all the way down to the floor, obviously couldn’t get onto the floor, but I was at the very edge of the seats so on the same level and everything.

Spotted: Brett Miller with clown and strange man. She’s wearing those damn black high heeled boots… seriously Brett, do you have nothing else to wear? I call out for her and obviously I’m being rude because shes talking to SketchCity man and the clown but I don’t care. She turned around, and I was like “Hey Brett!” and she says hi. She started walking away but I’m walking her pace and I was like, “So have you been to D.C. before?” She said yes. I was like “Do you love it?” and she flashed a big smile and said “Yea I do!” When I asked for a picture, she told me to hold on, and she and SketchCity man and clown walk into the VIP section or something. I again ask for a photo and Brett says “Be right back!” Yea right.

She never returned. I waited as long as I could, and she didn’t come back out where I was. Okay whatever Brett. When I was lurking around her, I heard clown talking about how Brett has become a “big celebrity” and how everyone knows who she is now. Um, sure. There was not a SOUL around, only me. Hellloooo I loved it. Do not have time for all of these psuedo-fans. Please.

Brett was being a diva and pretended that she had **** to do and would not take a picture with me. However, I did get a shot of Brett, SketchCity man, some random lady they talked to, and the clown. It’s super poor quality.

P.S. Saw this same clown like 20 minutes post Brett’s disappearance, and I kindly asked him if he had seen Brett, and he responded, “Who?”

Really? You’re a clown. How worthless.

Breatheheavy is my life, yours too helllooo. You most definitely should do what I did to find Brett, especially since getting past security is easy with a little sweet-talking. MGM might be a little bit more strict… hmm

ANYWAYS, my second question for Brett was going to be “What’s your favorite song off of Blackout?” And I was totally planning on, “Jordan from Breatheheavy says hi!” Ugh. Stupid beaded lady. “

A for effort!

Someone tell Brett I said HI! Please!

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