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Check out this lovely fan-shot snapped by BreatheHeavy reader Chelsey Spinosa at Brit’s Toronto show Wednesday night.

Also, two fans sent in their Brett ~experiences~


“So I was at the concert in Toronto tonight, and while I didn’t get any pics with or of Brett, I did see(k) her. I was in the first row off the floor, there was just a walkway between my row and the ringside seats, and there was always security, ringside people, crew, etc. walking through it. So I saw Brett coming (sorry, when I get flustered I can’t work a camera, I’m a nerd), so I yelled “Brett” 3 times before she heard me, and when she did, she turned around, smiled, waved, and said hello to me. She seemed genuinely nice. I also saw Larry walk through twice, and I saw her bald security guard A LOT. He’s surprisingly short.”

– Melanie Mazurek


“I was aware of the “If U Seek Brett” fan project, so during the PCD set in Boston, I was watching for her, and I saw her come out from the hall below me with her girlfriend. When she went to leave, three of us formed a line to take pictures with her. We handed our cameras to the lady who appeared to be Brett’s own assistant, and then she took pictures. I was last in this three-person line, and when it was my turn, I started handing my camera over to the assistant, but Brett looked me in the eye, and just walked away. I hadn’t said a word, I was just giving her my camera for a picture. She was so rude, I was seething. But when Britney came onstage, I was SO over Brett. – Allison”

Plus, enjoy this Creepy McCreepster shot of Larry and several fans.

And check out these awesome fan-shots, courtesy of BreatheHeavy reader Ryan Connell. Click below to view:

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