When art inspires art.

When art inspires art.

Katy Perry is gearing up to release an immersive music video for her new single “Chained To The Rhythm” on Tuesday. The brief teaser she shared over the weekend advertises an imaginary playground for adults named Oblivia. “Do you need an escape? Are you ready to dance your troubles away?” It begins. “Welcome to Oblivia, the world’s newest and craziest amusement park.” There’s a couple of rides to hop on, but you’ll need a pair of rose colored glasses on to buy in. “So leave your white picket fence and explore utopia,” it continues.

The rose colored glasses are an important artifact in Perry’s fourth era. They represent peoples’ unwillingness to change, and are prominent on the single’s cover art. Brilliant and fitting theme for 2017! But it’s not an original.

ImPulsTanz, who produce festivals for contemporary dance worldwide, hired artist Frederik Heyman to illustrate the original for their 2011 Vienna International Dance Festival. It’s exactly the same rendering as Perry’s, but as a man.

“It was quite surprising for us to see that Katy Perry’s new album cover looks pretty much the same as our 2011 ad campaign,” ImPulsTanz tells BreatheHeavy in a statement. “It’s actually the same artist, Frederik Heyman, who designed our campaign and now further developed his illustration. So thanks to Katy Perry, our male model now has a sister, a friend, a lover, a wife or changed gender – which is actually all great.”

They added: “Although we question the originality… we are cool about it. What we have seen more often over the last [few] years is that ideas and creations developed in the field of contemporary dance and performance later appeared in pop culture. Therefore our slogan: ImPulsTanz first, Katy Perry second!”

So put your rose-colored glasses on and party on.

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