If Britney Released An Acoustic Pop Album

BreatheHeavy heard a rumor Britney wants her next album to be acoustic-pop-ish.

That’s right, apparently Britney wants to run far away from the direction of “Britney Jean” (a.k.a. Will.I.Am) and get back to her roots – the “Baby One More Time” album vibe that launched her into superstardom.

If this is the direction she plans on pursuing, here are 11 things I’d like to see happen:

1. Feature live instrumentation

There’s something really cool, fun and interesting when Britney sings with little production. Probably because it’s so few and far between these days. It’s like we get it… Britney Spears knows how to make a dance song / club anthem / pop monster jam. Let’s hear a song her live band in Vegas can play. The most iconic intro besides “It’s Britney, *****” is the three piano chords in the “BOMT” intro. Who wouldn’t want more of that? If she’s serious about being ~artsy fartsy,~ she should strip down. Musically speaking, of course. Actually, literally too.

2. Real vocals

The “Baby” album is effortless because there’s little vocal synthesizer acrobatics. We have plenty of songs where Britney’s voice sounds like a feature song in “Alvin and the Chipmunks” no thanks to the assistance of major auto-tuneage. Fans don’t give a **** if she sounds perfect – they just want real.

3. NO voice stand-ins

Myah Marie, I love you, but you are not allowed on any future albums. The mistakes made on “Britney Jean,” the stem leaks showing Britney didn’t sing all of her music, the denials… it’s too much. The damage is done, and if Britney is singing live and real, then it needs to be just that. We’ll pretend you really aren’t on “Alien” and keep it movin’.

5. It’s in

Not that Britney needs to follow musical trends, but if she IS planning this shift, now’s the time. Lady Gaga released a jazz album with Tony Bennett and it landed at number one on the Billboard 200. Pink joined Dallas Green for You+Me and sings her heart out leaving the pop jams behind for the moment. If Britney connected with artists like OneRepublic’s Ryan Tedder – she could have a major smash on her hands that, for once, doesn’t rely on bass thumps and breathing heavy (aw).

6. Maybe she’ll sing them live

Piece Of Me in Vegas is entirely playback. It’s tough to sing and dance, but acoustic songs are great for sitting down and singing live. Her fanbase is very aware she’s not a Celine Dion-type singer, and that’s OK. In fact, if she was she wouldn’t be where she is today. Just sing live, Britney. Your fans will die of happiness, but more importantly it’ll get you major respect.

7. Make it an EP

There’s something edgy if a musician of her caliber released an EP. Typically, they’re meant for artists with smaller budgets, but if she’s trying out a new sound she could record a handful and release them. Share one for free to create the buzz then launch it on iTunes the following day. BreatheHeavy will be more than happy to get dat exclusive.

8. Work with famous and non-famous writers

You’re Britney freaking Spears – hire some of the biggest names to write songs for you, but don’t forget about the up-and-comers. If the vibe of acoustic pop is organic, start fresh with unknowns that’ll have a completely new style people aren’t ready for. This move isn’t just to appease the fans, but push further musically, try something new and change the opinions of people who’ve already filed her artistry in their “do not care” file.

9. Cover a classic

Britney’s cover of The Rolling Stones’ “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction) is one of her best because, let’s face it, you can’t get any further from The Rolling Stones than Britney Spears. **** it, I’m down for another Alanis Morissette cover.

10. Record a pop album afterwards

An experimental acoustic pop album is the perfect project to expand, grow, change and challenge the Britney Spears brand. It’ll create enough distance and time for fans who’ll yearn for the next pop (here come’s the) smasha. Goddammit, just do “Blackout 2” already.

11. If you’re still not convinced:

What do YOU think about Britney possibly pursuing a pop acoustic album? Leave a comment in Exhale.