Watch the new video off her upcoming album.


Once a Queen, always a Queen.

Idina Menzel has long been a force to be reckoned with on the Broadway stage, but only recently caught the attention of those outside the world of musical theatre when she lent her voice to the now iconic role of Queen Elsa in Disney’s smash hit Frozen.

Her voice became a prominent fixture on Top 40 radio with the Oscar-winning and hugely popular song “Let it Go” off the movie’s soundtrack basically becoming the soundtrack to everyone’s lives. The movie and the song catapulted Idina into the spotlight and lead to a much-talked about performance at the Oscars. (Adele Dazeem anyone?)

Idina is now ramping up for the release of her brand new album simply titled “idina.”, due in stores September 23rd. She dropped a track, along with its accompanying visual, from the new album today entitled “Queen of Swords”. The song is an empowering pop tune that inspires you to, you guessed it, be a QUEEN.

The video, featuring Menzel singing in front of a background of twinkling lights, is a little lackluster. But as always, the Tony winner’s vocals are anything but.

Check it out:

This is the second glimpse Idina has given us into her new album. She debuted the track “I See You” on her Facebook last week and explained that her album is self-titled because she wants people to know her on a “first name basis.”