Because why not?

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Because why not?

We’ve all been there: home alone, bored, feeling mischievous, wearing apple bottom jeans. Nicki Minaj, who’s usually defending herself from Twitter attacks, is human like the rest of us. She decided to hop on social media and turn the tables on unsuspecting trolls (and her millions of fans) by announcing a fake surprise-release followup to The Pinkprint. Why? Because she’s tired of fielding the avalanche of demands from her Barbz wanting a new music update.

“Ok u know what I wasn’t gonna say anything but damn ya got it out of me. The album drops at midnight. ?? it’s called #PickMyFruitOut,” she Tweeted. Naturally, the Twitterverse exploded, which prompted the rapper to press further and write out a fake tracklist.

1. “Mango”
2. “Cherry”
3. “Watermelon”
4. “Bananas” (Harambe Interlude)
5. “Grapes”
6. “Raspberries”
7. “Kiwi”
8. “Pineapple”
9. “Fruit Loops”

She saved track No. 10 for the end – a best for last kind of thing. “The one I’m most excited about, however, is track #10. It’s called ***** toss my fruit salad and it features my favorite rapper of all time.”

Before signing out, Minaj thanked her fans for playing along (like they had a choice). “*kisses u* love u back. All of u. Love you sooooooo fkn much. I been cryin laughin this whole time, btw… Good stuff.”

I knew it was fake the second I read the tracklist and it had no Ariana Grande feature.

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