Grammy Incoming! Grimes Previews New Songs, Titles And Descriptions

June 5, 2018 By Jordan Miller

Grimes has plans to release two very different records.

Grimes has plans to release two very different records.


Grimes shared a couple new previews from her forthcoming album(s).

“well i said i’d post some snippets of new music earlier so this prob sounds terrible thru my phone recording but it’s the cheesy love song i was talking about that i don’t like but everyone else likes, made the instrumental w my new mellotron,” she wrote. The song is tentatively titled “Adore U.”


Grimes also shared a track possibly titled “4 am.” “so this one is like my ethereal chav jam that’s like … a cyberpunk interpretation of the bajirao mastani movie (plz watch this incredible film if u haven’t) from mastanis perspective, dunno if it makes sense without the low end. these r just demos bein recorded thru my phone so.”

Listen to that below:




Grimes shared a working tracklist and song descriptions for one of her upcoming albums (the “dark” one, presumably).

“Nymphs At Versailles,” “Darq Souls,” and “adore u (beautiful game),” are a few titles she revealed. “Working titlez. Subject to change but just so y’all know its real,” Grimes added.

It appears we’ll get a teaser sooner than later!

See what she has to say below:





This is exciting news! Grimes recently revealed her new music won’t hit any time soon due to label troubles. Read more about that here. But she’s got a plan!

The singer will fulfill her contractual obligations with label 4AD and release one final album with them, then sign elsewhere (or remain independent) and unleash a followup.

In several comments made on Instagram, Grimes says she will create “one final album for my s–t label and then my first album on a label of my choosing which im crazy stoked about eeeee.” The Canadian artist added, “or i might go fully independent, researching options.”



What will they sound like? “The second one will be extreme darkness and chaos, the first will be highly collaborative and most glorious light.” I’m intrigued!

It’s not all doom and gloom for Grimes. “Today is a good day im back in studio making a million beats,” she wrote over the weekend. In a separate social media post, Grimes apologized for her comments aimed at 4AD. “i’m sorry negative **** i said ended up in the press today, i didn’t mean to spread bad vibes ugh. to make up for it here’s a drawing im working on of aliens examining sentient black goo.”

So it will be a little while before we hear new music from Grimes, but we have a lot to look forward to. See what’s good below:


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