Icona Pop share the feel-good music video for “Brightside.” In the uplifting Christine Yuan-directed clip, Caroline Hjelt and Aino Jawo dance around, make funny faces and toast to the good times with each other.


UPDATE // OCTOBER 21: All Icona Pop wants to do on “Brightside” is make you feel a little better.

“Get up get up tonight. I will be the one to show you your Brightside,” they coo in sync over a pleasant electro beat. “Down here it can only get better / See it all clear / well at least we’re together.”


UPDATE // OCTOBER 18: Icona Pop shared a teaser of their new song “Brightside.” Listen below:


Icona Pop have a new song titled “Brightside” that drops Oct. 21.

Caroline Hjelt and Aino Jawo of Icona Pop are working towards topping their monstrous success with 2012’s “I Love It,” and they just might with “Brightside.” The studio version of the song is out next Friday, but that’s not stopping them from performing it at the Stockholm Fest on Saturday (Oct. 15).

“We’re also going to play our new single live for the first time,” Hjelt tells Nasty Gal. Aino adds: “Oh yeah! And we’re going to release our new single this month, so we’re going to pop the cherry on it at the festival. We’re mostly excited, even though we’re always slightly nervous before we go onstage.”

Asked what their musical plan are for 2017, the girls won’t give much. “So many things! But we can’t really talk about it,” Aino said. “I hate saying that, but we’ve been in the studio, so we have a lot of new music about to come out.”

Caroline agreed: “You can expect a lot this year! It’s gonna be hard to miss us.”

We’ll definitely be keeping an eye out, but until then revisit their 2015 EP Emergency:

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