Indian singer Sonu Nigam is stoked he worked with Britney on their recent “I Wanna Go” remix collaboration. He opened up to Times of India about it, saying Britney loved his voice and wanted him to be a part of something bigger!


I was approached by Britney Spears’ management to do the collaboration. I didn’t want to disclose anything about the project before the management had okayed the remix. On Tuesday, Britney sent me a message on my microblogging account saying she was so excited about having me on board for ‘I wanna go’. She said my vocals add a different feel, which she loves! She followed it up with: Watch out Bollywood, it’s Britney and Sonu! I don’t think any Indian vocalist has ever had a collaboration so big. Of course, AR Rahman is there, but then he is a composer.

He continues to say Britney comes from a country that respects music.


In America, there is music and there are movies. She is almost a legend. She started off at a very young age. She is controversial and she is hot. She knows the pulse of the listeners.

But how did this all come about?


A month ago they sent the sound tape to me. DJ Llyod worked with me on the tape. We used a lot of Indian drums, including matka, for this number. I penned the Hindi and English lyrics that I have sung in this remix. The lines go like, ‘Asoolon ki hadon se tujhe chheen loon/I wanna take you to a world that’s crazy and new/Aaja panahon mein’. Then, we sent the tape to the management. We didn’t come out with the news till we had the go-ahead from the management.

Britney Tweeted about the remix several days ago.

Check it out:

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