“I Wanna Go” Breaks Billboard Record

September 13, 2011 By Jordan Miller

Britney is kicking *** and taking na-am-ames! Billboard announced B-girl claims the spot for the longest span of “No. 1s on Billboard’s Pop Songs chart, as ‘I Wanna Go’ rises 2-1 on the Nielsen BDS-based mainstream top 40 radio airplay tally.”

Spears scored the first of her six No. 1s on the chart the week of Feb. 20, 1999, with “…Baby One More Time.” With this week’s listing dated Sept. 24, she extends her stretch of leading the list to a record 12 years, seven months and four days.

“Over the last 10 or more years, Britney Spears has had her ups and downs,” said MoJoe Roberts, program director of Pop Songs panelist KHOP (@95-1)/Modesto, Calif., earlier this year. “But, every time she drops new music, it is an event for the format.”

Congrats, Britney!!!