Knowwww. “Will “Radar” be a single?” has been the question of the day last two weeks. With a supposed confirmation by her manager Larry Rudolph saying Britney would be flying to London to shoot a music video for “Radar,” followed by a mysterious removal of the song from‘s upcoming June releases chart, fans are left with the usual speculation and uncertainty.

Affiliate is now reporting that SonyBMG UK is giving up on “Blackout,” and are reportedly not releasing “Radar” as a single: “SonyBMG UK have confirmed that there will be no further releases from ‘Blackout,’ and that “Radar” has been cancelled as a single worldwide, with no plans to record a video, as Britney is working on a new studio album. Jive Records had previously added 24th June 2008 as the ‘add date’ for the single at USA radio, but this has been removed.”

Where SonyBMG UK confirmed this is beyond me. I do have the feeling that “Radar” has indeed been axed though (always wanted to say indeed in a sentence before). And I know I’m going to get stones thrown at me, but a “Blackout” re-release would be so ****. If she’s going to put out a new album, fans are going to expect her to promote and tour this time around. If she’s deemed mentally insane by the commissioner and her father etc., how could she possibly take on that kind of responsibility? Just add 3-4 new tracks and a remix, a new shoot, a DVD of the music videos, and a “dear, thank you” message to the fans to accompany the re-release. It’s minimal work for Britney while she continues to heal, pleases the fans, and keeps her name in the music game.

Eh but what do I know.

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