British synth-pop duo Hurts are plotting a return to the charts.

Style: " 00 HT19"

“Wonderful Life” stars Hurts have premiered the lead single from their forthcoming third studio album.

And it’s quite the change of pace.

British synth-pop pair Hurts may be best known for their apathetic, depressing lyrical style and melancholy aesthetic but the London based duo are proving that there’s no danger in straying from type with “Some Kind of Heaven.”

It’s a total change of pace for Theo Hutchcraft and Adam Anderson but not a totally fruitless one. The string peppered instrumental and slick production make for a listenable affair but as always it’s in the lyrics that Hurts shine. Despite utilising decidedly different content from their first two attempts, their knack for incisive and emotive lyrics clearly hasn’t suffered from time spent out of the spotlight.

“Some Kind of Heaven” is no doubt a strong effort, but the boys would be hard pushed to top their signature track, suicidal anecdote “Wonderful Life”:

The track, which dropped in 2010, caught the attention of musical superstars like Kylie Minogue and lead to the pair’s opening slot on the Scissor Sisters‘ Night Work Tour.

Admittedly Hurts have struggled to make any meaningful musical impact since “Wonderful Life”, but perhaps “Some Kind of Heaven”, which hit iTunes this morning, will turn things around for the London-based team.

What do you think of Hurts‘ latest venture?