Britney or forget it.

Hugh Hefner died at the age of 91 on Wednesday (RIP). His former West Coast Bureau Chief from 2003-2006, Heidi Parker, penned a story for the Daily Mail about her experience working for the ladies man, and had nothing but praise for him. The story centered around her obligation to get Britney Spears on a cover. She says Hef “became obsessed with the idea.”

“Hef was dead set on having Spears on the cover in 2004,” Parker writes. “Actually, he always wanted her on the cover, from the day she turned 18-years-old. He had a crush on her. He even faxed me a typed memo about it. The memo basically read, ‘I want Britney Spears for the cover. Signed, Hef.'”

Parker says she tried to persuade Hef with other A-listers, like Jennifer Tilly and Eva Herzigova, but he was deadset on the princess of pop. Actually, he didn’t even know who those other women were. She recalls Hef saying, “‘I want Britney for the cover. I don’t want anyone else. I want Britney or no one! Get her to do it. It would sell like crazy.'”

Parker admits manager Larry Rudolph said at the time it was “a possibility,” but she never believed him. She tried to persuade him with P!nk and has a story about them meeting at the mansion.

‘Sounds good darling,’ she remembers Hef saying. ‘But don’t forget Britney!’

Read the entire story here.

Hef had very great taste. And that cover could have been iconic.

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