The teen pop sensation mentored by HUGH GRANT’s character in new film MUSIC & LYRICS was inspired by BRITNEY SPEARS, according to the movie’s writer and director.

MARC LAWRENCE reveals his CORA CORMAN character, played by newcomer HALEY BENNETT, is loosely based on Spears.
He explains, “It was kind of a generalised Britney inspiration… My daughter, GRACIE, had some of her records and the videos so I was generally aware of Britney, so that was the image.

“I know there is a lot of flirtation with pop stars with Buddhism to Kabbalah, so I used that.” And when Bennett realised Britney was her muse, she immediately put herself on a strict diet to lose weight.
The young actress says, “I lost some weight, about 10 pounds, because all of those pop stars are so thin and on these strange diets, or working out like fiends.” Bennett also had to leave her modesty at home for scenes in which she sexes it up onstage.

She adds, “I’m a pretty modest girl, so it was really a stretch and it wasn’t easy getting into those costumes, but it was a role and so I put myself in a completely other mindset – I became the pop star diva type.”

Credit: Contact Music

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