Backstreet Boy Femme Fatale Tour opener Howie D opens up to MTV about Britney, saying he’s excited to tour with Brit.

“I embraced it with open arms,” he told MTV News. “She’s such a great, talented person. We’ve known each other for many, many years.”

Howie and Britney helped shape pop music together in the late 90’s. “We kind of came out of the same camp, out of the Orlando pop scene with us and ‘NSYNC and Britney,” he recalled. “I feel like we’ve all grown together and have very similar, parallel lives with us and our music, [with] certain moments being very, very hot, certain moments not, and just riding the wave up and down as it’s going. Even [with our] personal lives, having families, having kids. I have a huge respect for her, not only as an artist, but as a person. It’s good to be around people you’ve known and people you’ve grown up with.”

Check out the interview below:

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