Howard Stern: Britney Fans Are Aggressive

In case you’ve been living under a rock, the Britney Army is intense and will ****** your weave and your granny’s ******* if you talk bad about the Queen (run, Blake Shelton, run!).

Howard Stern felt the wrath of Brit’s fans after calling her a “lunatic” for allegedly walking out of an X Factor taping a few years back.

He tells Kathy Griffin during an interview this week:

“I remember I once said something about Britney Spears and her fans are aggressive and vicious that they were threatening my life…”

Griffin began receiving death threats after calling Demi Lovato a “douche” on Twitter this week.

“The death threats are flowing,” she said in the recent interview with Stern. She goes on to say the “douche” Twitter comment happened because she thought it would be “funny” to try using Siri to tweet messages one night.

“Siri doesn’t always interpret everything properly,” Griffin continued. “I couldn’t sleep and I actually went on Twitter and said, ‘I’m going to start tweeting things using Siri but I’m not going to correct any of the spelling.'”

She went on, “So then someone tweeted back saying, ‘Who’s the douchiest person you’ve met?’ And Siri interpreted it as Debbie Lovato is a little douche.”

Griffin then described some of the death threats Lovato’s fans sent her on Twitter. “I will burn your house down c–t,” she read, adding that other fans hoped Griffin would be raped, get cancer, be murdered or commit suicide. That’s when law enforcement officials stepped in.

“They actually contacted me,” Griffin revealed. “Because at that point it goes beyond just Twitter hate, it’s actually legit [threats].”

“So police have to get involved and say, Wait a second, there could be a legitimate death threat here,” Stern added.

At the end of the day, Griffin has all love for Lovato: “The point is I have no problem with Demi Lovato, or Debbie as I like to call her, as Siri calls her.”

Starts at 41:00.

Be accountable for what you say in the Internet, y’all!