Several agencies that will remain name-less posted some pictures from their perverted camera-men of Britney and her short skirt which reveals more than I’m sure Britney wanted to. This sickens me that these agencies would post such pictures (which will not be posted on Breathe Heavy), where they clearly wait for Britney to exit the car just so they can get their dirty shot. Honestly, most days I feel all these companies are in it just for the money, and forget about WHY they are actually taking those pictures to begin with. There’s very few sites nowaday that update just for the joy of it and for the celebrity. Let’s all just wait 3 days so we can see the blurred version in trash such as Us Weekly or OK because I’m SURE those lovely magazines will ****** those pictures up in a heart-beat and have a field day with them. And what’s worse is Britney actually smiles and and poses for these agencies, not knowing that 2 seconds later they post garbage about her. Britney I hope this message gets to you somehow. Stop being so agreeable, time to rebel.

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