How Kevin Really Hurt His Arm!

November 19, 2005 By Jordan Miller

In related news, we enjoy a good “Kevin Federline falls down and goes boom” story as much as the next schmo, but did the former back-up dancer, who was spotted this week sporting a cast on his arm, really take a tumble while out on the town?
London’s tabloid-tastic Daily Star claims the baggy-pantsed, underemployed Mr. Britney Spears was shaking his groove thing at an L.A. hotspot when he apparently tripped over the ghost of Fred Astaire.
“He was really going for it, throwing some seriously mad moves, when he suddenly slipped and landed on his ****,” an onlooker relays to the paper. “His arm got caught, and he has fractured his left hand.”
While this purported wipeout provides plenty of entertainment value as we picture it in our head over and over again, there are a few problems with the scenario.
For one thing, paparazzi snapped Kevin with a bandage on his right hand, not his left, and for another, his boo-boo evidently didn’t come from busting a “mad” move but from some less-than-smooth dribbling.
“He hurt his hand playing basketball, not clubbing,” Britney’s rep explains to MSN Entertainment, adding that this is just another example of an “incorrect story.