How Amy lee beat Britney up..

August 11, 2004 By Jordan Miller

Goth Boy of WNCI interviewed Evanescence singer Amy Lee at their show in Columbus, Ohio. Lee voiced her digust with the great weather, hoping for rain to depress the event. Lee listed black as her favorite color, followed by deep purple, then she put Britney Spears on blast. Asked if she ever met Britney in a dark alley, how would she beat her up, Lee responded, “First I would take my corset off and strangle her around her big gymnast neck, then I would poison her the way Snow White was poisoned in the fairy tales, and then afterwards I would dye her hair back to the original color.” Asked what color would that be, Lee responded, “Puke green.”

I remember seeing this a while ago, but i dont think i ever posted it – ty