House Of Blues Update: Orlando

May 19, 2007 By Jordan Miller

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House Of Blues Update: Orlando May 19,2007.



From a BreatheHeavy reader (Errity Jon.):


I just wanted to tell you how AWESOME the Britney concert in Orlando was. She sang live a few times, not just once. You could hear her say “punk, punk” loud and clear in “Do Somethin”.

Britney was very friendly, and she smiled and responded to the crowd all throughout the concert. She couldn’t keep a straight face for longer than a few seconds. She interacted with us throughout the entire performance. She was beautiful, and it was an amazing show… well worth the wait!

Before the concert, a few of us had others hold our place in line and we waited as Britney, Allie, and other unknown people pulled up in her black escalade to House of Blues music hall, and she waved and smiled to us. We were already told to get rid of our cameras/cellphones before this, so I didn’t take pictures, although I think two other people had their cameras. If I find their myspace, I’ll send them in!

We met with the x17 photographers there as well… the same ones who claimed to be there when Britney shaved her head. He seemed very genuine, we had no reason to doubt him or the guy who was with him. He had a very thick accent, so it was hard to understand what he was saying at times. He says his work is focused on Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan. He hung out with us there and when were in line waiting for Britney. He even gave one of our buddies in line (we waited for over 10 hours) a “TEAM x17” hat.

Also, my sister and I gave our cowboy hats to Allie to give to Britney. We were in the very front row, so we saw Allie in the beginning of the show, and she happily took our hats to give to Britney.

Those are our fun moments from an unforgettable night, I thought you’d like to know!



From a BreatheHeavy reader (Brandy Jon.): Just wanted to let you know, the britney concert in Orlando was
absolutely AMAZING! I was literally about 5 feet from her on
stage…insane insane insane!! The energy was out of control. The
crowd was NUTS the whole time! Britney could tell because she had
a smile on her face most of the time she was performing. People
keep saying she messed up while “lypsynching” but that was soo
untrue. She kept singing even when the track stopped and the crowd
LOVED it!!I’ve never ever experienced anything like it!! She
looked great, too!! Face and body was PERFECT! And also seemed
very appreciative of the crowd’s response, smiling and enjoying

i’ll never forget it!


From ItzMe87 at envvy: “We got there pretty early around 9AM, we were 6th in line…anway the day went really good, so around 7 ish Alli came out, she is gorgeous by the way. She walked all down the line only about 2 feet away, she’s the one that picks the guy to go on stage. That’s all that really happened outside.
8PM Doors
So, security was CRAZY…there was no fing way u were getting anything in.. So we’re in..the DJ was playing music, everyone was pumped!!! I think it was 9:30 when the show started……
Soooo the dancers come out very nicely, a very slow/****** kinda entrance..and then…finally…after over 3 years Britney, BLONDE onstage!!! WHOA!!!!! She was wearing her holey fishnets, white skirt, pink sparkly shirt…she did Baby/Slave nothing much different, but WAY better in person..she looks GREAT!!!!! I mean GREAT!!! Then the chair comes out for BOM…she was the definition of **** dancing on that chair!! Britney was back…so then they bring the guy up, do there thing, and that’s about it..
So she changes to her jean skirt (shes already in the pink bra from the end of BOM). It’s time for Do Somethin’…before u keep going, something not goods about to happen!! Everything’s going great, and then…….the mother ******* CD SKIPS!!! …it was very quick, but very noticeable, even on Brit’s face…so it fixes quick, and the girls keep going…..and then….it skips AGAIN….WORSE….it played the same clip over and over and over like 4-5 times!!! They all looked so worried, but then Brit sang LIVE…very quick but so cool!! She then turned her head obviously very embarrassed, but then the crowd SCREAMED in TOTAL support, she turned around with the biggest Britney smile I’ve ever seen and keep on going!!!
Lastly was Toxic, this time she was in a short black dress w/ fishnets on her arms…nothing different besides that, great dancing great looking.. She ended with Thanks For Coming Orlando..I LOVE YOU!!!”


Britney Spears performed her fourth live show Saturday night in Orlando – this time dealing with a few minor technical difficulties.

Spears performed a 14-minute set before a sold-out crowd at the House of Blues Orlando in Lake Buena Vista, Fla., Saturday night. And it was another highly-anticipated show: Fans waited for hours outside in a line that wrapped around the building to see the pop star.

With the crowd chanting “Britney! Britney! Britney,” a blonde Spears, clad in a hot-pink bustier top, a pleated white micro-mini and torn fishnet stockings, took the stage with her backup dancers at 9:31 p.m. to the music of “…Baby One More Time.”

Like the series of concerts she performed inCalifornia, Spears proceeded to perform a medley of older hits – but this time she experience a glitch: at one point the background track skipped forcing Spears to improvise by turning her head away from the audience as the song got back on track.

Despite the music mishap, Spears was in good spirits throughout her performance, making eye contact with several audience members and smiling as she visibly responded to audience members yelling out her name.

After wrapping up her set with a short version of “Toxic,” the pop star came toward the edge of the stage, adjusted her mic and said, “I love you, Orlando. Thank you so much for being here. You’re awesome. I love you!” Then she blew a kiss and punctuated it with “muah!”

After the show, concertgoers gave the pop star solid reviews. Judy Jensen, 25, told PEOPLE, “If Britney’s going to make a comeback, it’s going to be the best one yet. She looked amazing.” Said another audience member, Maggie Rood, 25, “She looked ****, definitely not like a baby’s mama.”

Spears is set to perform a second show in Miami Sunday night.

Source: People