Get On The Ferras Wheel

Ferras is a ~no ***** to give~ musician, and that’s probably why Katy Perry snatched him up as the first artist under her record label, Metamorphosis, a subsidiary of Capitol Records. He’s currently opening for Katy on The Prismatic World Tour, but not for long. caught up with Ferras this week to chat about his upcoming musical projects n’ stuff.

“The tour is ending for me in 10 days, which I’m extremely sad to be leaving the road. Touring with one of the world’s biggest pop stars is awesome because you get to go out and play your music in giant stadiums. It beats playing to 50 people. 15 thousand is really exciting. It’s been beyond my wildest dreams and everything I’ve ever hoped for. It’s been such a great experience, but I’m excited to get back in the studio and start work on my full length [record].”

Ferras released his self-titled EP this summer. He says the five-song compilation was a promotional tool for touring.

Download Ferras’ EP here.

“We kind of rushed [the EP] in the sense that we wanted to have something when I went out on tour. Really, that came first – the idea of me going on tour and opening for Katy came first. We said ‘Ah! We need some material.’ Fortunately, I’d been working on material, so we chose what we felt was the best out of that. I think I’m ready to record a record. I don’t really need to give people a taste of what I am anymore. I think I’m just going to focus in, and lock into a sound. I’d like to continue [my] story. For me, an EP is a taste… a space filler.”

Not what record execs want to hear, I’m sure, but I must admit his honesty is refreshing. Like I said: ~no ***** to give.~

“I’d like it to just exist. It’s kind of introductory – getting my name out there. Having people get a taste of who I am rather than immediately go and start promoting and shoving something down their throat. I’d rather have it just be what it is, and really focus in on taking that next step.”

So, what is “it”? What’s that next step to recording a full-length album? For Ferras, it involves feeling creative, liberated and free. I asked him: “How does it feel to be free?” It’s a lyric from his song with Katy Perry called “Legends Never Die.”

“Even with my old styles I overthought things a lot. I think sometimes I was scared to truly be myself and all of the colors that I am. I think at this point in my life and what I am: personally, spiritually, everything. I feel like I am free. I get to go out on stage every night and do what I love. I get to write songs and have them released and have people hear them, respond to them and hopefully relate to them. I just don’t really care. I don’t really care what people think. I’m just really being myself, I’m creating art, and I’m hoping to inspire others to be themselves and to do the same. Yes, I am free. Truly.”

Ferras just shot a music video for a song off the EP called “Speak In Tongues” with director Will Joines that’s out in the next few weeks. The two collaborated together for the vid’s concept.

“It has a lot of non-specific, religious iconography. ‘Speak In Tongues’ is a biblical reference. [The video] takes place in a suggestive church (he laughs). There’s something really intimate about the song. It’s about trying to recapture the lost intimacy with your lover. Rather than using words to hurt each other, it talks about using touch and connecting on a deeper, spiritual level. It’s going back to the basics.”

I asked him if that song is autobiographical. He quietly responds with “it is.” I paused, hoping he’d delve into that a bit, but sensed it was a touchy subject and felt it was best to move on. He interjected:

“I write from all of my own experiences. Nine out of ten songs are autobiographical.”

I wanted to make the conversation feel lighter, so obviously I brought up Britney Spears, because, that makes everyone feel better. He has a self-proclaimed infatuation with aliens, so naturally my next question dealt with Britney’s song “Alien.”

“I heard the song… (laughs). I ******’ love Britney. I wouldn’t necessarily say I’m a fan of it, but Britney’s dope, so anything Britney-related is amazing.”

He mentions he’s experienced only a taste of the fame artists like Britney, Lady Gaga or Katy Perry have, but it’s enough… for now.

“Success is anything with making you happy. If you’re in the music industry, and you’re able to pay your bills, and you’re doing what you love and it is your job, then you are successful.”

He clarifies:

Major success is if you can “parlay your music into becoming a global brand… I think music becomes a platform for which you then are able to pursue all your other creative interests. Ultimately, if you’re making money and you’re able to not work at Starbucks during the day, then you’re successful in the music industry.”