Hooray! Britney’s The Twitter Queen!

May 23, 2010 By Jordan Miller

Britney Spears is the most followed person on Twitter with 4,938,807 followers, just behind Ashton Kutcher who has 4,937,651.

Britney’s official website posted a story earlier this week encouraging fans to rally up and take over the number one spot, as did Perez Hilton. But is another number one really what Britney needs?

This Twitter war got me thinking: is this a victory for Britney? or her fans?

As Britney’s career becomes increasingly micromanaged, we lose the connection to her and her artistry.

Over a dozen producers have come forth claiming they have the sickest beats for Britney’s new album. A slew of famous photographers are shooting Britney for her Candies fashion line and upcoming Cosmo spread. Britney’s manager Adam Leber gains popularity by posting on her accounts and her official website promotes her ventures left and right.

But, where’s Britney’s say?

Look, I think it’s pretty cool Britney’s the most followed person on Twitter, but does she deserve it? It’s obvious her team completely controls that Twitter account and posts Tweets “from Britney,” when really, they’re not!

Just another number one to add to the long list of number ones. I want substance. I want BRITNEY to be allowed more freedom with her life, her career and HER music, and come back in the game stronger than ever.

If fans have another “Circus” era to look forward to, all the number ones in the world won’t mean a thing.