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Photo: Dennys Mamero

Get your very own, one-of-a-kind BreatheHeavy graphic T/Tank Top!

Lana Del Rey went from Born To Die to Lust For Life. Miley Cyrus used to grind on Robin Thicke in **** tone latex, now she’s frolicking the beaches of Malibu. Taylor Swift ditched country for pop. And Katy Perry? We’re still figuring out her next move…

The times have changed, but one thing that’s forever? Britney Spears.

(This is the link to the storefront. You’ll need it.)

She’s nestled into our hearts for life. To honor this rare bout of nostalgia, BreatheHeavy is offering a limited-edition, unisex graphic T-shirt and male/female tank tops just in time for the summer months. Or if you’re somewhere cooling down, you’ll be ahead of the trends. Britney? For spring? Now that’s groundbreaking.

There are three garments to choose from: the Men’s Premium Fine Jersey Vest (men’s tank top), the Women’s Premium Tunic Vest (women’s tank top) and the Unisex Premium T-shirt (the classic T for all). Each high quality piece is screen printed with a custom graphic designed by world-renowned artist AJ Dimarucot of the princess of pop strutting the stage with Banana the snake on her back during her iconic performance at the 2001 VMAs. It also features B’s ~paradise~ (pair of dice) tattoo, a nod to her Las Vegas residency Piece Of Me that’s coming to an end this year.

We are hosting the three-week only sale on Once the clock strikes June 2nd, the merch will be locked up in the vault forever, and the shipping to those that ordered (no matter where you’re from in the world) begins. What I’m saying is you should definitely be impulsive and act right now.


So when a guy inevitably asks, ‘do you wanna come over?,’ you can do so in style. Get yours today!

Photo: Dennys Mamero

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