HMV.CO.UK Review My Prerogative, Album, DVD And Single

October 30, 2004 By Jordan Miller

THE SINGLES REVEIW: Never has a cover of a track been so poignant. Britney’s superb rendition of Bobby Brown’s seminal smash ‘My Prerogative’ contains enough insightful clues into the current psyche of this pop princess that it feels like sneaking a look at her diary on every listen. As she hits out at all the rumour mongers with a blast of, “why don’t you just let me live” you can feel that this might overtake ‘Overprotected’ as the most personal tune in Britney’s collection.

Taken from the forthcoming ‘Greatest Hits’ package.

THE ALBUMS REVEIW: She’s the global superstar who is only rivalled by Madonna in levels of fame, she has gone from slightly saucy school girl pop to full blown raunch’n’roll in the space of a few years and she has had her fair share of scandals in her private life. She is Britney Spears – pop star, icon and all round licence to print money………….

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