Hit Me Baby…73 Billion Times
POP princess Britney Spears has topped another hit list to be crowned queen of Google.

She was the most requested person on the internet’s biggest search engine in 2004, pipping **** heiress Paris Hilton and pop rival Christina Aguilera. The technology giant’s annual Zeitgeist chart gauges public interest in celebrities, current affairs and sport. Britney’s turbulent private life including a brief mar-riage, a new lover and rumours of a pregnancy kept her in the headlines. And her popularity on Google – used for more than 73billion internet searches a year – soared. Google is used for almost half of all searches and the technology giants are worth £23billion. It’s the second year in a row Britney has been the most sought-after woman on the web. Thanks britneyexperts.com

This would have meant that every single person in the world would have had to have searched her name 12 times….It could happen, i can say i have probally searched her name around 1000 times so, there only needs to be 73,000,000 people to be like me to have this true, you never know…..

Source – sundaymail.co.uk

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