Ahh, the old disco ball and chain.

Swedish collective Hips have released a music video for their dreamy, synthtastic new song “Loose Tonight.”

You might not recognize Hips right off the bat, but their influence has infiltrated tracks for some music heavy hitters, including Janet Jackson and Santana.

They’re premiering their Gustav Stegfors-directed video on today (August 10), and it will put you in a really great mood.

In the clip, every day people drag around a glimmery disco ball through the stylish streets of Stockholm. What inspired the faceless visual? “That feeling of going to work in the morning or meeting up with a friend while listening to your favourite music and getting in the right mood on the way,” they tell “We wanted to capture that vibe and Gustav Stegfors helped us make that reality.”

“Just like a balloon you had me up in the ceiling”

It’s literally people bringing disco with them everywhere they go.

Enjoy the funk and give their new video a play below:

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