UPDATE: Mary J Blige and Hillary Clinton cover an array of issues for Blige’s Beats 1 Show “The 411.”



Mary J Blige and Hillary Clinton’s 30-minute sit down for Blige’s Beats 1 Show “The 411” is out. The two discuss Clinton’s presidential campaign, facing scrutiny in the public eye and more. Watch:


Mary J Blige and Hillary Clinton sit down for a chat on Blige’s Beats 1 Show “The 411.”

At least I think it’s a chat, but judging from the one-minute preview Apple posted, it’s hard to tell. Blige sings about police brutality to Clinton, who sits there with a concerned, stoic look on her face but never utters a word in the promo (which they dub will be an “intimate conversation”). Even when Blige asks: “I just wanna know… where do we go from here,” Clinton is shown looking unsure, a huge contrast to the confidence she exuded during last night’s presidential debate.

Notable lyrics in the song include: “Always be polite and never ever run away / Promise mama you’ll keep your hands inside / Is it a gun? Is it a knife? Is it a wallet? This is your life / It ain’t no secret / You can get killed for living in your American skin.”

Real question: was this edited by Trump’s team?

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