Sounds like it’s coming sooner than expected.

Hilary Duff's New Album Is Scheduled To Drop In June

“Sparks” music video will premiere in just a few weeks.

In between swiping away on Tinder, Hilary Duff is hard at work on her brand new album and it sounds like it’s coming sooner than expected. The Duffster took a break from her schedule on Thursday (May 7) to update Marissa of Albany’s FLY 92.3 about what’s going on with her “heartfelt” new album and talk about why she decided to make a return to the business.

Pre-order Hilary Duff’s album here.

Even though she kept an extremely low profile in recent years, Hilary admitted that it was just two years ago that she decided she wanted to start working on her music again.

I found myself about two years ago starting to write a lot and I hadn’t had any urge to do that since I stopped the end of my last tour…I was re-evaluating ‘How do I want to work again? What do I miss from my old life?’ It was so apparent to me that I wanted to get into the studio and start singing.”

Even though she’s still in the middle of recording for the project, you can pre-order the album  and be one of the lucky fans to have your name included in the booklet of a special fan edition of the CD. Also, if you’re wondering what’s up with the music video for “Sparks”, hang tight. It’s set to premiere towards the end of the month.

In other good news, Duff’s TV Land series “Younger” was recently picked up for a second season, so she’ll return to New York City in September to start filming. Talk about a busy gal!

Listen to Hilary’s new radio interview below.

Pre-order Hilary Duff’s album here.

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