Becoming numb.


Becoming numb.

In case the 20 stories before this hasn’t nailed the narrative home, Hilary Duff is not that interested in making new music. She will eventually, but it’s not up on the list of to-dos.

In a new interview with People, Duff says she will “eventually” record new music. “I’m really excited; Scooter’s great, but we have a little bit of a different plan in place,” she says. WOMP.

“Music will be a part of it,” the “Belong” singer added reluctantly, “but I don’t think there is a time frame right now. I’m getting finished with the show, obviously wanting to go back home and go into mom land for a little bit.”

“Then I’ll probably be getting into the studio, but I want it to just all unfold naturally and just be really, really right.”


What’s curious is the Younger actress recently teased new tunes on social media. Why she gotta play?

Here’s to things going really, really right for all of us.

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