Hilary Duff

Hilary Duff Wants Harry Styles On Her New Album

Queen Hilary wants to collaborate with King Harry.

Hilary Duff has no features on her upcoming record, which kind of shocked me (in a good way), but admits she’d love to have One Direction’s Harry Styles lay down vocals on a duet she wrote called “Night Like This.”

I’m here for Hilary writing her music.

She hasn’t recorded the song yet, but feels he’s the perfect fit, saying:

Secretly, Harry Styles, but he’s kind of busy with that band called One Direction. They’re kind of massive right now.

Hil also describes her new song, “All About You,” as: “Super ******* cool and awesome.”

I’m here for Hilary cursing.

See her interview here:

Are you down for a Hilary/Harry song?